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Legacy of disability Legacy of disability Soldiers who served in vietnam tell of the red liquid dripping from jungle leaves they brushed by throughout patrol.Also their uniforms would be soaked with the stuff.Trees and remove jungle cover from the enemy in vietnam accounts for a wide range of illnesses, causing disadvantages and death to thousands of veterans. "A predicted 21 million gallons of agent orange and other herbicides were sprayed over south vietnam and cambodia between january 1965 and april 1970, said domestic service director randy reese.Military people were affected, causing disabling and life-Threatening illnesses that still are not fully understood, In which causes contamination.From producing 2, 4, 5 d, and was present in agent orange and other supplements sprayed in vietnam.Dioxin is one the most hazardous cancer causing chemicals known.It was a medical surveillance program tracking vietnam veterans' health issues.All over 2003, after 25 various, the va lead tested 334, 000 from 3.4 million veterans who served in Vietnam and maintains a computer database to track their health problems. The va's advisory committee on health-Related effects of herbicides was established in 1979 to examine issues surrounding the possible health effects of herbicides on vietnam veterans.The va also established the veterans' advisory committee on general hazards, comprising non va experts in dioxin and radiation exposure and lay members, to advise on outcomes of agent orange related research and regulatory, admin, and intention initiatives.A federal law passed in 1991 directed the va to request that the nation's academy of sciences(Nas(1)See system access server. (2) (Network associated storage)A unique file server that Pandora Silver Beads connects to the network.A nas device contains a slimmed down computer system and a file system and processes only i/o requests by supporting the popular)Review diseases attached to herbicide exposure, a move that updated the advisory committee's work. The nas reviewed exceeding 6, 000 abstracts of scientific or medical articles and analyzed 230 long term studies prior to its initial report in july 1993, which led to presumptive service connection for several illnesses among veterans. (A skin complaint), Hodgkin's illness Hodgkin's illness, A type of cancer of the lymphatic system system.First regarded in 1832 in england by thomas hodgkin, it is a kind of malignant lymphoma.Incidence peaks in young adults and the ageing. Blood tissue www.tiscalli Perceive erythrocyte and leukocyte.Platelets are classed independently.Pct porphyria seen as a liver dysfunction and photosensitive cutaneous lesions, with hyperpigmentation and scleroderma like adjustments to skin, neurologic manifestations, and as a result porphyrinuria. (A skin disorder caused by a defective liver enzyme), Respiration cancers(Lung, bronchus bronchus:See voice., Larynx, Additionally trachea trachea(Tr or airway, principal tube that carries air return and forth the lungs.To expect 4 1 2 in. (11.4 centimetres)Long resulting in 3 4 in. (1.9 centimetres)In dimension in the adult. ), Soft cellular material sarcoma sarcoma(S highly cancerous tumor arising in connective and muscle cell tissue.It is caused by oncogenes(Cancer causing genes of some viruses)And so proto oncogenes(Cancer inflicting on genes in human cells). (Cancer of the muscles and muscles), Acute and subacute side-Line neuropathy side-Line neuropathy definition The term peripheral neuropathy encompasses various disorders in which the nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord nerves been damaged. (Weakening of the nerve fibres), Prostate kind of cancer cancer of prostate, Cancer originating in the prostate.Prostate cancer is the leading malignancy in men in the and is second only to lung cancer as a cause of cancer death in men., Chronic lymphocytic the leukemia disease chronic lymphocytic the leukemia disease M.Abbr.Cll Lymphocytic leukemia going on mainly in older adults, seen as a slow onset and gradual progression of symptoms., And adult starting point(Format 2)Diabetes. Working experience necessary, the va offers financial benefits, heath care treatment, and vocational rehab to the children of vietnam children of vietnam humanitarian organization helping poor and homeless children of da nang area in vietnam.Established in 1998 and based inside the.Veterans who through spins bifida, a hereditary birth defect birth defect