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Nasty show host greg giraldo sets high smut standard for theothers Giraldo is not like his nasty show predecessor bobby slayton, largely because he doesn't bark quite like the pit bull of comedy-Who is now doing penance for his sins at the upstart just for laughs franchise Tiffany UK in hogtown and where he will hopefully not be arrested for foaming at the mouth. But being relatively soft-Spoken clearly doesn't hamper giraldo's ability to spew venom with the nastiest of the bunch.And this year's edition of the nasty show series-Running until sunday-Has packed together quite the earful of filth. Rich vos, robert kelly and headliner jim norton are all candidates for anger-Management class.Their rage is palpable.They are not well, but they will induce convulsions. The only weak link on the show is, sadly, the only woman on the bill, tiffany haddish.Not that she is necessarily more nice than nasty, but she certainly appeared more nervous and perhaps intimidated by the excess testosterone of the other performers on stage for tuesday's late show. Giraldo set the smut standard for the others, by casting aspersions on the concept of sex addiction.Particularly as claimed by tiger woods, a frequent target on this show. "What,"Giraldo muttered,"He sees imaginary spiders if he doesn't get any for five days? "Right. Giraldo, twice divorced, laments his record: "I get married every 10 years or so.I give my(Excrement)Away and start from scratch again. " But he doesn't buy into the usual marriage-Counsellor therapy: "They say there should be more communication among couples.No, there's too much communication!If i ever cheat again, it will only be with amish girls-Who don't text. " On the subject of high-Tech, giraldo had these astute observations: "They say internet sex is ruining marriages.I don't know about that, but it's certainly ruining my keyboard. " He then shared this touching tale: "I read about this guy who got hit by lightning seven times and, miraculously, he survived.Then he got married, and, shortly after, he committed suicide.God couldn't kill him but. " Giraldo next took rips at amorous seniors, spent boomers and paul mccartney's ex, heather mills.But he gave thumbs-Up to gay marriage-Because they should feel the same suffering as heteros. Rich vos-Who looks and sounds like a younger bobby slayton-Picked up the gauntlet from giraldo and delved into gay, interracial dating. "That's one tough phone call,"He hollered. "Dad, i'm gay.Now sit down. " Master of the sordid non-Sequitur, vos segued from honeymoon material to having to deal with his mother bursting into his bedroom at the most inappropriate time to being unnerved by an audience member: "Are you on meth?Did someone in your family(Make love to)Owls?Is your tongue pierced?I love that.I have a magnetic(Penis). " Robert kelly, a stocky, shaved-Headed man you never want to encounter in a dark alley, made hysterical hay of his manic depression: "I'm 40!It's not happening.There's no hope!But i don't care!What are they going to do?Take away my birthday?That's all i have left.I don't cut my toenails any more.I can catch a trout in the river like an eagle.Oh, i can't wait until it's all over. " On the bright side, kelly is looking forward to being an octogenarian: "I'll be able to wear anything i like.Three sweaters and a hat and that's it. " Norton, the closer and another shaved-Headed angry man you don't want to annoy, took a departure from the raunch and dove into the bp oil spill: "I'm sorry.But it's really hard for me to have sympathy for a creature like a bird that has an aerial view of the oil on the water and still flies right into it. " Nor does http://www.tulia.co.uk/tiffany-necklaces.html he have much empathy for aquatic critters in the area: "You're a fish, damn it.Swim around it. " Norton can't see what all the fuss is about that sandra bullock's ex,jesse james,cheated on her. "I'm in shock that a tattooed biker(Made love to)A tattooed biker with big(Breasts),"He deadpanned. Ever the contrarian, norton even showed compassion for tiger woods: "I love hearing all these men moaning about how disappointed they are with him for having all these affairs.They say they would never behave that way.Unless presented with the opportunity. "Sure,"Norton continued,"Tiger's apology had all the sincerity of a hostage video.But, really, what's the big deal?This homepage is a man who puts a ball in a hole for a living.He's not one of the 12 apostles. " Ah, from the mouths of.Angry, bald men. The nasty show continues at club soda(1225 St.Laurent blvd. ), tonight to Saturday at 7, 9:30 and midnight;Sunday at 7 and 9:30.Host is greg giraldo and performing are jim norton, robert kelly, rich vos and tiffany haddish.Tickets are $39.50 and are available at 514-845-2322 or hahaha.Com.