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Is this a sirius lawsuit Is this a sirius lawsuit In a case of david versus a satellite direct tv radio goliath, reuters is filing on a florida man who's suing sirius xm radio(Pink sheets, siri)Soon over some of this year's rate increases. Sirius xm has stayed true to its original agreement with government bodies, by freezing basic request prices for three years as a way Pandora Dangles Charms to win approval for the merger that was finally completed last year.Not that the satellite radio provider isn't milking more right out the average user.Of your 38% price increase. The rub for the floridian hoping to turn this into a massive class action lawsuit is that sirius xm seems well within its rights to pass on the escalating music royalties and to change perks such as discounted secondary receivers and online streaming. Few will accuse sirius xm of gouging its readers.It rarely broke even Cheap Pandora Bracelets UK this past quarter.Running a satellite radio operation is quiet difficult. That doesn't invariably mean the lawsuit will be laughed out of court.It have merit, and it could alter sirius xm's cash flow projections if the particular business has to roll back prices.But even though so, i trust sirius xm to spin that the website kind of setback into aggressive prospect growth.Excuse the pun, but carl boon v.Sirius xm radio could show to be a blessing in disguise.