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I played better Pandora Wood Beads than i scored I played better than i scored It liberating being here as a major champion again.I got the claret jug with me and i don think i not going to get tired of looking at that!Everybody in the media is still asking me about that final round and obviously i been happy to talk about it.My buddy adam scott has had to field a lot of things, much.It not so entirely possible that him, but he been very classy to sort it out.That doesn an unexpected me. We played a practice round together here on wed afternoon.I known adam for 10 long periods of time.He is a buddy of the family and of mine.It was impressive to see him start in a four under par 68.That shows what method player he is, bouncing straight back after what went down at the open. Anyways, you could almost say we might have had back to back links majors with kiawah being near the ocean and playing firm and fast like it can sometimes.But set up will have rain we had in the build up to this week pga championship, there aren too many similarities to the links courses of the british isles that i grown so fond of year after year.The course is defined as playing pretty soft. Come the first round on thursday there wasn even much of the wind that we might have estimated.It was a ravishing sunny day by the ocean and the morning starters had it really calm, this was evident in the low scoring.I had a late tee time and obviously you conscious that the guys are going low, but you can let that alter your strategy.It was breezy for sale for us late starters and you got to stay patient and you got to play smart. My swing felt comfortable and on the greens i rolled the ball very good.To conclude, so in that sense level par 72 was slightly discouraging.I can develop that, albeit.We out early on friday morning and hopefully we should Pandora Beads UK get a good break with the weather such as the guys did early on thursday.